So what is,

 Women's empowerment coaching?

  • A Women's Empowerment coach is a certified professional who helps you cultivate a better relationship with yourself by empowering you to embrace the woman you were before you turned your "could's" into "would's" because of your "should's".
  • Whether on the phone or in-person, I will provide you with customized support and advice based on each individuals needs. I will provide guidance... in other words we will do "the work" together.
  • A coach is not a therapist. Therapy typically addresses issues in a client’s background and seeks to work through those issues until the client has found some “closure.” Therapy frequently uses diagnoses and can last anywhere from weeks to years.
  • Coaching looks forward, deals in the present, seeks to educate, and does not diagnose.

Are you...

  • Feeling an "inkling" or a subtle awareness that there's something amiss but you don't know what it is?
  • It's time to pay attention. That is the wisest part of you speaking or your true self. It may come as a whisper but if left unattended it will wreak havoc in your life, or keep showing up in various forms.
  • Experiencing boredom? Have you lost touch with the things that you used to enjoy, but for the life of you can't even remember what those things were?
  • craving dialogue and support from someone who's been there and has the tools you need to move you forward.
  • overflowing with a sense of purpose on some days and discouragement and anxiety on others
  • feel like everyone but you seems happy, put together and knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it and like you are missing something?
  • reacting to life and would rather respond to it and be more adventurous.

 What Can megan help me with?

All of the above

A coach is there to cheer you on, to hold you accountable, and to show you the tough love you need when you're getting in your own way...and by the way, you are getting in your own way, together we will work on a strategy to uncover what's holding you back from living the amazing life you were meant to live.

When we work together, you'll get clear on who you are - your core beliefs and values - what you want, and where you want to go. We'll work through all that stuff that may be getting in your way. And we'll create an action plan so you know what that first step looks like and how to take it.

Your life is filled with limitless possibility. Together we will help you achieve your long lost dreams and goals.

"A woman with a vision empowers an empire of women to do more, seemore, and be more" unknown author

"You Got this!"