Unlucky or Lucky

I went to bed last night with big dreams. I was planning and outlining what I would do with my 1.6 billion dollars that I was about to win in the largest Powerball drawing ever! The excitement, the hopes, the possibilities that would arise from such a win fall. Part of me remained realistic, the odds were sky high, and the probability that I would hold the perfect number combination was grim.  There are a total of 292,201,338 different Powerball combinations, but only one number can win the jackpot. However, the fact that there was a possibility created hope. The magic was in the maybe.

Here’s how I would spend my win fall

Now I’m not writing this to look good, or to create better odds in the eyes of the Universe. I have given this a lot of thought, A LOT. (I’m sure many of you have formulated your future plans as the Powerball winner as well.) So first off, I would pay off our mortgage, write a check for each of my daughter’s college tuition, and give each family member a good chunk of money to do the same. Then, this is where it gets exciting, I would start a foundation. My dream, oh my dream! Start a foundation and give money away for projects that promote the greater good. I, myself will live off the interest the money generates (as suggested by Shark tanks Kevin O’Leary). OH, and btw I may buy a condo in Boston as well, but beyond that, I really want to help NGO’s operate without worry and stress. I’ve been involved with many nonprofits over the last few years, and the monthly stress surrounding raising money is difficult, to say the least. You must have passion and conviction to be a leader of a non-profit because if you don’t the stress is not worth it. Flower Angels is a perfect example of this. In four short weeks, their doors may close, due to lack of funding and a place to operate out of. And that is a shame. A real shame! So many empty spaces for rent with little owners willing to support a local nonprofit, all because of greed. Ok, I’ve gotten off track, but have I? Greed is why I feel grateful that I am not the winner of the Powerball this morning!


So I didn’t win, actually didn’t even have one number! Now what….

It’s all how you process disappointment. You can accept it and feel upset, disappointed, and hopeless, or you can turn your dreams into a plan. Create hope rather than wait for it. I woke up this morning, to an email from a friend who is living boldly. She starts a new job with Google next week. She is creating her own personal fantasy. Her email was timely to say the least. She isn’t waiting for the Powerball, she IS the Powerball! She is leaning into her fears and going for it. Creating her own magic. She inspires me to dream big, but more importantly, make it happen for myself and go for it!

One thing is for sure, I will be greedy when it comes to my goals….to start, I’m going to begin by creating a mission statement that I will live by…so, from this moment on….

“I will be greedy in my quest for personal achievement without fear, I will be guided by hope and always believe that there is magic in the maybe…”

Powerball or no Powerball, I got this!