10 Simple Steps in Finding Clarity and Happiness in your Life

First, here are some questions you may ask yourself

Do I feel stuck, bored or unhappy?
Have I fallen into a rut?
Do I fantasize, dream and imagine my life was different?
 Am I where I expected I would be at this stage of my life?  
Have my goals and ambitions changed?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions continue reading

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you are not alone, many of us experience similar stumbling blocks.

 We either go back in time trying to relive our carefree and upbeat youth, or we daydream about our future self, one that embodies all of our expectations and desires. No wonder we feel stuck as many of us fluctuate between the past and the future because we are not satisfied with the present.

Living in the present

 Being present may seem difficult, and you may want to be anywhere but here. You may have created numbing hobbies such as overeating, overspending or over (__insert numbing hobby here______).  The act of overdoing anything can push you further into a rut and diminish your drive for change. You begin to feel uninspired and stuck. We all experience this at one time or another in our lives. For some, this feeling lasts a lifetime and the “spell” is never broken, for others, glimpses of clarity come in and out of consciousness and there are periods in our life where things seem to be going well.  And then, bam you hit a wall. This wall is built out of fear, comparing yourself to others, guilt, shame, or sadness, and the cycle picks up where it left off. I can recall times in my life when I felt like I was in flow. Things seemed to be going great yet I couldn’t put my finger on why or how everything had changed. I looked at all of the components that may have effected this positive change such as my weight, my financial status, my relationships, my job, etc. However, months later I would find myself bored and unhappy again, and all of the components listed above remained the same. What had changed? How could I get back to that positive happy state of flow again?

 This was a mystery and had become my quest.

Here is what I have discovered…

In order to figure out this mystery, I would have to become more self-aware. I needed to pay attention to my feelings. Meditation helped me become more mindful. Each and every day I set aside 15-20 minutes. Sitting in silence, paying attention to my breath, and allowing my thoughts to come and go created more self-awareness. I was then able to become present in each moment. I paid attention to my feelings, as they became my guides. When I was feeling anxious, I explored the situation, person or place that was attached to this feeling and moved away from it. I gravitated to my “happy place” by spending time with those who inspired me, I engaged in hobby’s that sparked my creativity, and took time for myself making that my first priority. Before I knew it, I was back in flow. This time, I created it and could control how long it lasted. Mystery solved!


Here are 10 helpful tips on creating clarity and flow in your life

1.      Be mindful and meditate daily to create more self-awareness

2.      Live in the present, stay out of the past or future

3.      Look for things that make you happy and gravitate towards them

4.      Walk away from things/relationships/people that drain you

5.      Find your tribe of likeminded people who inspire you

6.      Stay curious pay attention to your emotions as they are your guides

7.      look for hobbies that boost your confidence and creativity

8.      Make a list of what your strengths/superpowers are

9.      Heighten those superpowers by sharing them with the world

10.  Be brave, vulnerable and authentic

Megan Murphy CPC, ELI-MP