48 was really great...ok fine, now I'm turning 49!

48 was really great...Ok, Fine... now I’m 49!


Today was a typical day, or was it? I woke up, packed my daughters lunch for school, poured myself a cup of coffee and headed out the door. I had a lot to accomplish on my to do list, and I was motivated and excited to get going on them. As a result, perhaps I was a bit less present than normal.


My morning seemed routine enough. There were no surprises, no strange variations to the morning commute. The only thing that seemed notably different was the weather. The car thermostat read 37 degrees. It was cold, really cold! The final leaves are hanging on for dear life like young children clinging to their mothers after being dropped off for the first day of preschool. When did that happen? I thought to myself. It seemed like just yesterday it was 60 degrees and the landscape resembled a colorful Salvador Dali painting comprised of magnificent hues of orange, yellow and red. Today, they looked baren. Even the Osprey’s have vacated their intricately woven nests in search of a warmer climate.


You see, that’s what happens when you are not paying attention.


Seasons change

Birds migration habits seem peculiarly abbreviated

A year of your life seems to  go by in the blink of an eye


When I arrived home, I continued with my morning routine. I bundled up and headed out on my walk. And that is when it hit me. It really hit me. Along with the blast of cold weather came the awareness that change was in the air, literally.


This would be the last morning that I woke up as a 48 year old woman. Tomorrow I turn 49.


As I often do while walking the beach, I began to reflect. How would I summarize my 48th year of life? What memories do I hold onto? First of all, I began to feel a sense of calmness and gratitude. I shall begin with that...


Here’s the list of items that I am grateful for this year:

*My strong, beautiful daughters who have matured in ways I would never have imagined

*My supportive husband who allows me to follow my dreams, no matter how strange they may seem, he gets me!

*My dedication to self improvement, and those who have greatly inspired me over this past year

*My heightened awareness and understanding that I have worked on day in and day out

*Feeling comfortable in my own skin….this is always a process, this year I feel it!

*Winding down...and gearing up all at once

*New amazing people who have entered my circle...my tribe

*Inspiration I find everywhere, synchronicities, and messages that I have opened myself up to and knowing where they originate from

*feeling fearless, what will be will be

*Curiosity, Karma and the law of attraction


*My walks

*Frozen chocolate covered bananas

*comfortable shoes... my new priority and style


I continued reflecting on all of the wonderful moments I had over the year. It’s truly  amazing that what you focus on increases. As my awareness increased around the events that made me happy, so did my mood. I found myself smiling as my pace quickened. The seagulls nervously darted out of my way as if I were a young child determinedly chasing them away from my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


And just then, he surfaced. The lone seal that has swum adjacent to me on my morning walk throughout the year. I can count on one hand the number of days I missed his presence. Spring, summer, winter and fall, there he is. He has become a pleasant part of my routine. I often wonder why he swims alone, so far away from the other seals. Sandy Neck Beach are not waters that seals migrate to. On the contrary. It is a bit rare to catch a glimpse of one. I see this seal as a reminder for me to do my own thing, go my own way, and find peace and comfort in my own presence.


That is how I would sum up my 48th year of life. I swim alone with curiosity and playfulness , yet always on the lookout for a passerby that intrigues or inspires me. When I come upon that person, I linger with them for a bit, then swim off on my own carrying with me the things that I admire most in them. Only to realize that they are simply bringing out the best in me that has always been there.


My wish as I blow out the candles on my cake tomorrow is that year 49 brings me more joy, inspiration, connections and opportunities that will help me further understand who I truly am and why I am here. I intend to live purposefully this coming year with few regrets or stutter steps and without hesitation.

Megan Murphy