Why painting rocks is so much cooler than coloring in a book

There’s a new book trend that has hit the market and adult coloring books are all the rage right now.  Currently, five of the top 20 selling books on Amazon are coloring books for adults. I know they make a unique gift and the holiday gift giving season just ended, but I think that’s crazy. Good crazy, not bad crazy. I find myself fascinated by the trend. Youthful activities that grown-ups are apparently engaging in to tap back into their simpler times, childhood.  People are in advertently becoming involved in meditation and mindfulness activities due to the high levels of stress many are living with. The feel good pleasure found in the act of de-stressing through self-expression.  Just like meditation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from stressful thoughts and focus on the moment, which helps to alleviate free-floating anxiety.  Personally, I found the hobby a bit too introspective and introverted, and I was looking for further inspiration and purpose, so I began painting rocks. That’s right, painting rocks. I found that I experienced the same benefits that mindful coloring cultivated, however I was then able to share my hobby and possibly inspire others.

How It All Started                          

 I began collecting smooth round rocks on my morning beach rocks and writing inspirational words on them with a sharpie. It was that simple.  I couldn’t wait until my next beach walk to drop the rocks along the way for others to find. Before I knew it I had created a full blown hobby, and my inspirational single word rocks soon became phrases, surrounded by brightly colored boarders and scenes.  I began researching inspirational life coaching quotes that resonated with me on that particular day, and invested in sharpie paint pens (as they would create an indelible impression). Bam, I was hooked, and I had created a purposeful way to create, de-stress and inspire others. There is a difference between coloring and actually creating art. It’s like the difference between listening to music verses playing an instrument and making the music. The process of creating these rocks helped me explore my feelings, foster more self-awareness, and reduce anxiety. So basically it was similar to what I had experienced during my therapy appointments. Art Therapy of sorts (or Art Life Coaching, as I call it).  Being a Life Coach I am committed not only to learning and improving myself, but to inspire others to do the same. Inspiring others is so much cooler than keeping it to myself!

Wanna join me? Here’s How to Get Started

 Whether you live near the ocean, a river bed, mountains or desert, get outside and go on a rock hunting expedition! Rock hunting can be very therapeutic. Breathe in the fresh air and let your thoughts wander as you explore.

Smooth rocks with a flat surface work best and the size of your rock will dictate the length of your message. The color or shape of the stone does not matter much. Dark markers will show up best on light colored stones and vice versa. There is no need to wash or prepare the stone before painting it, however Investing in “Sharpie Paint Pens” is a must! These are available at most craft stores and make painting fun and easy to do (even for the artistically challenged). You could also use acrylic paint, with small paint brushes. Finally, I suggest that you spray the rock with acrylic clear protectant spray also available at craft stores or your local hardware store. This will ensure that your artwork will outlast the elements.

Drop them along the way, outside of grocery stores, on the beach, at bus stops, in the park, on the commuter train…anywhere you want to inspire another human, brighten their day and create a smile!

I have found that getting creative, combined with getting out into nature and finally sharing my rocks and inspiring others has transformed a simple hobby into a motivational purpose. I have received many thoughtful messages from those who have stumbled upon my rocks. Some of those messages are powerful moments that bring tears to my eyes and gratitude to my soul, while others simply bring a smile to my face. The best part of this hobby is that you never know how you may be helping others while helping yourself at the same time, and that is what’s magical about it.

I hope you will join me...

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