Now "Eye" get it!

A Growth Mindset vs. A Fixed Mindset

We see things through our own eyes, correct?  Based on our past experiences, relationships and personal truths. That is to say, everything we experience creates a personal reality (or truth) in which we use to form future conclusions about life events yet to come.

What’s your “fixed-ation”

 Judgements, personal interpretations and limited beliefs:

 We create judgements and personal interpretations around events, situations and people. (think Archie Bunker!)  We become stuck in the mindset that things are as we see them, eradicating the awareness that things could possibly be different (Oh, the horror!) This, often times, yields limited beliefs, which are things that we accept about life, ourselves, our world, or about the people in it, that limits us in some way. And who wants to be limited in any way? It’s like choosing the cheap seats at an event in the back of the stadium behind a tall person when we have front row tickets. We choose and accept this vantage point and limit our potential unconsciously.    We are not able to see the whole picture, rather only our viewpoint or the back of someone else’s head in this case.  Being open to other possibilities or viewpoints is essential for personal growth. Realization, you may not always be right… but it’s ok and here’s why.

“We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” Anais Nin

There has actually been research regarding the principles of quantum physics that indicates that the world we experience is a creation of our perceptions, and that we attract what it is we expect to see. (think Law of Attraction here). Therefore, to create a positive life experience, it is suggested that we focus on inner peace rather than attempting to control outer events and circumstances. Simply put, when we are at peace, peace is what we see. To reach a state of peace, we must become aware of our limited vantage point, as described earlier, and shift our mindset (or move to the front row seats).  We often neglect the importance of the knowledge gained from a particular event or situation. (We can’t get out of our own way per say). When we remain “fixed” in our state of judgements, personal interpretations and limited beliefs, we are unable to experience true knowledge and personal growth. It takes effort and self-awareness. The kind of effort it takes when you are learning something new such as riding a bike or driving a car. You must break it down into simple parts or actions so that in the end, once all the steps are combined, it all makes perfect sense. When you learn to drive a car, you focus on the many parts of the car and your role in making them work. You first have to be aware that each part exists, right? Once you begin driving on a regular basis, the tasks seem effortless and driving becomes second nature. This is the same goal in creating a different mindset. You can begin to become aware of your limited beliefs and interpretations and look beyond them.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help improve your “eyesight”

1.       What’s another way to look at that?

2.       What would someone else say about that?

3.       What would someone who had the completely opposite point of view from mine say about this situation?

4.       How true is that belief, really?

5.       Where did I get that idea from?

6.       How can I let that belief go?


In conclusion, we are all a product of our own personal belief systems, no two people experience the world the same way. We must start by being aware of that and cultivate understanding and respect for others viewpoints. Secondly, we should pay attention to our personal existing beliefs and question whether they are limiting us.

“I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.”

― Abraham Lincoln


Megan Murphy, CPC, ELI-MP