Summer Rental Agreement for my College Daughters

It is in agreement of this document made this _____ day of May 2016 between the Lessor (aka Mom and Dad) and the Lessee (Insert your college students name here).

Explanatory Statement

The parties hereto desire to enter into a summer rental agreement commencing on the last day of your college finals and terminating upon your return to your dorm at your prospective college in September. Including but not limited to the operation of the car we have designated for your use back and forth to your place of employment where you will make the money you need to live at school for the 2016-17 semesters without our financial assistance.


Now Therefore, in consideration of these mutual promises, covenants, and agreements the Explanatory Statement, which Explanatory Statement is incorporated by reference herein and made a substantive part of this Summer Rental Agreement, the parties hereto do hereby promise, covenant and agree as follows:


Terms of Rental Agreement

(I love you madly, but in order for us to like each other, please adhere to these rental Agreement rules…trust me, we will have a fabulous summer and

 enjoy each other’s company!)


1.      When you arrive home on this _______day of May 2016, broke, exhausted and missing your friends, you will be cranky. Please take your cranky self into your designated rental space and give yourself a “time out” until you can reintegrate into the family in a productive and cheerful way.


2.       Upon arrival at your rental property, empty the family car of all of your belongings and do not leave unattended bags on the front step or in the garage. The TSA rules and regulations are followed in our home and unattended bags will be sniffed by our dogs, probably pee’d on and considered abandoned and therefore disposed of.


3.      A designated “drop off area” for your dirty laundry has been clearly marked by the Tide Pods and the two big white machines, one labled washer the other dryer.  Please follow the directions provided and proceed to do your own laundry.



4.      We do not adhere to any specific meal times due to everyone’s hectic and varied summer schedules. However, if you will not be partaking in dinner, please notify the chef (aka mom) so she knows not to consider you when she is preparing it.


5.      If we are “out of milk” please take it upon yourself to pick some up when you are out with your friends. This will show consideration for your roommates and it will be appreciated!

6.      We do not have custodians that clean our bathrooms, enough said.


7.      Staying up late until the wee hours of the morning watching net flicks is frowned upon, it keeps your “roommates” from sleeping soundly.


8.      Flip-flops must be place in the designated shoe bin, keys hung on the key rack and work apparel, washed and folded the night before your shift. Organization is mandatory, living here is optional.


9.      When arguing over the one car that you have to share, please be considerate of the gas gage. When the orange light is on, please proceed to the nearest gas station and put gas in it for the next driver. Any arguments that occur over the car and its usage will result in repossession.


10.  Gratitude! Please exercise this daily, and take a moment to appreciate all that you have. This will make you happy and as a result others will feel your happy energy and mirror it back at you.




It is our hope that you can agree to this rental agreement. (what’s the alternative actually?) We in turn, will agree to be mindful that you are now young adults and are used to independence. We recognize that living under “old rules” can be difficult and often times seem unfair, so we will govern accordingly. We will provide food, shelter and transportation for the months that you are renting your room, and in return, on the first of each month we will sit down and revisit this agreement and communicate our differences or concerns. This meeting will take place face to face and not via text message.

We Love you and can’t wait for you to come home. Let’s have a great summer.


Mom and Dad


Lessee: __________________________________________________

Lessor: __________________________________________________

Witness: __________________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________