Mam-O-Gram, O-pportunity, it's O-fficial... I'm a #OMagInsider

Oh my!

I recently opened up my email and read the words;


We’re so glad you’re here.

After reviewing over a thousand submissions, we’ve selected 50 of the most influential, engaged, and enthusiastic fans of O, The Oprah Magazine to join O Mag Insiders: The Inner Circle of O for the next year – and you’re one of them."

Of course my initial reaction was to question the validity of the email. It is not everyday that O Magazine reaches out!

"After reviewing over a thousand submissions?" Did I submit something? What is this? I am often times forgetful... but how could I forget something that I would be so happy to be chosen for.

Rule number one in manifesting anything is to keep it in your thoughts so as to stamp it in your subconscious, right?

Next, you would then place that item on your vision board (or in my case book) and glance at it daily, setting the intention.

Finally you would (actually, maybe just I would do this) visualize it happening on my morning beach walks. 

None of this had taken place. I had not taken part in the manifestation of this amazing opportunity, or had I? 

I began by thinking back the the moment I had applied for this position. I have since traced it back to my yearly mammogram appointment last November. These appointments can be stressful for me as I lost my mother to breast cancer 22 plus years ago. I often have to wait hours for the Doctor to read my film results and take extra photos when and if there is anything questionable that comes up.  And so I make an annual day of it! I travel the 1 1/2 hour drive from Cape Cod to Boston, stop at Starbucks on the way and splurge on a Venti nonfat latte, visit my favorite TJMaxx store and meander the isles for a bit, and finally listen to my favorite Adele cd while winding my way through the infamous Boston expressway traffic. 

When I arrive at my mammogram appointment I am always asked to fill out a few forms (all 100 of them) because "they are updating their system, yet again! 

Next, I am escorted into a cubicle where I am given directions to disrobe from the waste up and wrap myself in the most lovely, sterile, non fashionable gown one could ever imagine. Every year in this very moment, I begin mentally creating a business plan around fashionable mammogram appointment wear.... yet I never follow through with that plan.

I then join the other twenty or so other women waiting their turn to be squished and prodded  by the mammogram machine. Each patient looking a bit nervous under the surface, yet doing their best to stay busy by reading the lobby magazines.

It is always awkward in this waiting room. No one ever smiles or talks to each other. For an extrovert such as myself, it is torture. I still smile, yet I keep my comments to myself, as that is always the tone in this waiting room. It is almost as if there's a sign on the wall that reads, "Shhh, please be quiet, the women in this room would like to left alone at this time".  

So I quietly read the magazines. When another woman is reading one that interests me, I watch her like a hawk. I wait for her to finish and before she puts it back on the coffee table, I swoop in and snatch it out of mid air and simply nod in a gesture of gratitude, continuing to follow the "keep it quiet" rules.

That is exactly when this O-pportunity began. They say that great things come from awful experiences (or something like that) and this was my great thing! I grabbed the copy of O Magazine and began reading it from front to back. 

When I saw the advertisement or casting call for #OMagInsiders I was all in! I pulled my phone out of my purse and immediately began filling out the application. Ah, its all coming back to me. 

 I love the upbeat, positive messages that O Magazine exemplifies. It simply makes me feel good to read it each month. That is a great thing for sure! That is part of any good manifestation plan, one which I forgot to mention earlier. You must feel good about something, really good about it. So I guess that is how I manifested my year long OMaginsider adventure...I feel really good about it, and I will be sharing this positivity with all of you along the way!


Megan Murphy