In the Spring of 2015 while on my routine morning walk, just having returned from a trip to India I experienced an epiphany. 

Epiphany: a moment of great or sudden revelation; an intuitive grasp of reality through something usually simple and striking; an illuminating discovery, realization or disclosure.

I realized that the passersby on my walk were probably there for the same reason that  I was. My morning walks became my designated time for introspection and insight. I walked each morning to "clear my head" from my persistent thoughts and to tap into deeper insight. I often times found myself looking for signs and messages along the way, such a heart shaped rocks or a pieces of rare sea glass. When I stumbled upon them, I would see it as a sign that my question had been answered and I was on the right path.  This truly made me feel at ease and happy. That was when I had the idea (more like an epiphany) to paint and drop inspirational messages on beach rocks for others to stumble upon. Maybe my rock would be the message that they needed for encouragement. It turns out...I was right, thus The Kindness Rocks Project was born!

The Kindness Rocks Project has moved to it's new home